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Valeria Vezzani Foulard

"The Scotsman" scarf 80x140cm silk twill

"The Scotsman" scarf 80x140cm silk twill

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80X140 hand-machine edged twill silk scarf. "Lo Scozzese" pure silk scarf, rectangular with personalized print. In three color variants: Pink-Light Blue-Beige. It is ideal to wear around the neck or shoulders or tied around the head as a turban, to complete any type of look. Made in Italy.

(Photo worn in Beige colour)

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The charm of beauty

The Valeria Vezzani brand is for imaginative but at the same time refined women, lovers of art, color and travel. The production is entirely Italian and linked to an anti-waste philosophy, whereby even the smallest pieces of fabric come back to life.

"Steal all the colors of the world and paint the canvas of your life by eliminating the gray of fears and anxieties. Abandon your old mental clothes and dress in joy"

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